Prison break 3 - Episode 1

The first thing you will notice about this episode is how different it is from Fox River (The first prison). The folks are now in Sona with is a brighter locale with a much more earthy feel compared to the labyrinth from the first season. The main character, Scofield, will discover eventually that Sona is not guarded at all but he will soon realize that a dictator named Lechero govern this place by rule and hierarchy. Lechero rent an ambush by setting Scofielf up for a fight to the death by an inmate. The laws is clear, none can steal from other inmate said Lechero. Mean while, Bellick was sent to clean toilets. He saw a strange guy behind wall who asked him to deliver a message to both fighters. You see later on that Scofield is forced to kill his opponent. Stay tune for the next episode on 24 september.

Prison break 3

The TV program I will introduce you is Prison break season 3. Let's resume the two sequel of this series. In season one, Michael, the younger brother, decide to installs himself in a prison he helped design, in order to save his brother Lincoln Burrows. Lincoln insists he did not commit any crime for which he has been sentenced to die by death-row. The ultimate objectif of Michael is helping Lincoln to escape. The next season his the continues of the drama and maybe a chance to save Lincoln life. In Season 3, the major conflict take place in a new prison named Sona where everyone is in "danger". I chose it because it was fresh and a new kind of drama/thriller series. In this series, I hope to learn the hardship, friendship, and of course Michael new plan. The show is on Monday 17 September.